Primer – A prime film of this genre, indeed

Weird and Wow.

Weird and wow are generally not used together. weird is not some adjective you tend to use with a movie, not at least if it’s in good sense. But those were the two words I said while the end credits were rolling. Primer, originally released in 2004 is such a movie. I am 10 years too late watching this film but better late than never. I actually watched one of the cleverest films ever, finally.


Was randomly searching on the internet in general and Quora in particular for a movie recommendation with the search term ‘mind fuck’. (Yes that’s what I do on a bored Saturday night, don’t judge). Between numerous references of Inception, Memento and likes there was this film, Primer, poster of which didn’t attract me enough. The thing that made me try this film is the run time, 77 minutes. Alright, there’s a film in just above an hour, and it such a film, that no one fully understood it, let alone in first watch. Challenge accepted.

10 minutes into the film, *seriously what do people who gave all those recommendations thought?*

30 minutes into the film, *okay, something is going on, a little here and there, but no not as weirder as I expected*

60 minutes into the film, *okay, lot of things happening, I am lost, may be it’ll get clear by the end*

77 minuted into the film, *what? it ends? that’s it? now who’ll explain those unanswered bits? wait, I understood nothing and the movie ended*

Primer is a Sci-fi yet humane film based on time travel, but explores the ethical angles and characters equally and subtly. Two friends decide to make something in a garage and finally make it. They actually don’t know what it is. The movie is about how they use it and it’s consequences. The camera is sometimes great and sometimes normal, but good enough. Direction and screenplay is what it makes what it is. To top it all, what if I told you entire movie was made in the budget of 7000 USD ?

If inception is one of the films you hold as the most cleverest and weirdest, take this. Primer has overall 10 frames of reference (Inception had 4). Do watch and get lost in story and time. *adding links explaining the plot, to make life easy, a little bit*

Useful links: (most important link)


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